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Elettroapparecchiature Friggeri is a company with an important history, was born in 1972 from the entrepreneurial idea of Franco Friggeri. On the market for over 45 years, he has always stood for the professionalism of the holding combined with the expertise of its team; a winning combination that has made Elettroapparecchiature Friggeri a major player in the electrical equipment for the building industry.
The specialization that characterizes the company has required large investments and attention to the growing needs of customers, the founder and his family were creative and courageous protagonists in a changing economic environment, radically changed from the 70s to today.
The Friggeri family has dedicated his life to the company, always moving with very clear objectives, gathering confidence and acclaim for its services, the professionalism and empathy in relationships with customers and with all staff.

Vision and development
The solid reputation in the market, after many years of qualified and professional presence, is the starting point on which to build the future.
The large family setting that has characterized the history of Elettroapparecchiature Friggeri will be implemented in the transition to a managing organization, functional and essential to the growth in the current competitive environment.
At the head of the company is now the natural heir Andrea Friggeri, backed by a long and growing experience in the field, which will enhance the heritage accumulated over the years in view of the continued expansion in international markets.

Quality and safety
In order to ensure the numerous and prestigious clients Elettroapparecchiature Friggeri a service and a standard of care in line with the higher demands of the market, the company has adopted and daily care a rigorous approach to quality.
Developing a product not only means improving it in terms of efficiency or performance, but also make it more functional, original and safe. It is from this concept, the production chain monitors the creation of each product from the engineering phase and then during all the individual production phases, until the delivery to the client.
A confirmation of conformity with regulations, numerous tests were made in order to certify the conformity of products with the applicable rules and in the spirit of a correct application of the CE marking. These tests were carried out at the laboratory CE.TA.CE of Prato in collaboration with the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, University of Florence.

The whole range of Elettroapparecchiature Friggeri products has been designed, developed and built in compliance with regulations governing the industry, however, also taking into account the real needs of robustness and practicality that use on building site will require. The materials and components used, the high degree protection against dust and liquids and the extreme care and precision in the assembly of products, ranking the production of Elettroapparecchiature Friggeri, in a range of high quality.
The red color is characteristic of our production, born at the beginning as an idea to make the most visible products in the building site; over the years that color has characterized the entire image of the company to have earned this peculiarity to distinguish itself on the market.
All products are fully assembled in the company and individually tested by qualified personnel, as provided by the rules, to ensure a highly reliable production to the customer.


Elettroapparecchiature Friggeri srl
via G.Galilei 37/B
42027 Montecchio Emilia (RE) - Italy


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